If you wish to spend a few years in one location in Australia and are unsure if you wish to relocate permanently, you may be suitable for a TSS visa. Approved Australian employers are able to sponsor suitably registered professionals for two years and in some instances for up to four years. These positions are exclusively for full-time roles with the sponsoring employer. You can include your spouse and any dependants on this visa, if applicable. Partners are entitled to work. In some states, there may be a requirement to pay for government schooling for dependants. Some passport holders are also required to have a private health insurance policy.
If you are flexible and willing to consider a variety of different locations, there are usually several opportunities available year round. Generally, although there are clients willing to undertake sponsorship in both the public and private sectors, the majority of employment is to be found in large regional centres and country destinations in public hospital environments. There is often less opportunity for long term work in cities although these do present from time to time for specialised professionals.
There are also numerous positions offering work permits in New Zealand.

  • March 31, 2020by GHSadmin