NZ Working Holiday Visas

Six month extensions have been granted to New Zealand Working Holiday Visa holders whose visas are due to expire between 21 June 2021 and 31 December 2021 and who are currently in New Zealand.

GHS has a number of short term contracts available if you intend to extend your stay.


Essential Skills Visas

From 19 July, INZ will assess employment which pays at or above the median wage of $27.00 per hour as ‘higher-skilled’ and visas will be granted with a validity of three years.

Essential Skills Work Visas are not being extended at this time, and there will be no further automatic extension of these visas.

The new median wage rate will apply to all Essential Skills Work Visa applications, and other visas that are linked to the median wage including the Skilled Migrant Category.

Although the median wage threshold for essential skills applications has been increased, this will not affect job opportunities for allied health professionals as base salaries are well above the threshold.