Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) vouchers will remain on hold as the New Zealand Government handles the Delta outbreak.

Changes to the system will occur when the vouchers become available again, and will include two steps: “foreshadowing” of when large sets of vouchers will become available, and a new “virtual lobby” system.

The lobby is like a virtual queue. It will mean that people can be selected from the queue randomly, removing the need for people to be the fastest to hit the button to hold a specific date. Once all the rooms have been taken, the lobby for that day will be closed and anybody in the queue will be informed that they have unfortunately missed out this time. 

It is suggested that the new system will make bookings more transparent and easier.  Notifications of when new bookings will become available will also remove the need to constantly refresh the bookings website. 

Please follow GHS for further updates on the re-opening of MIQ allocations.